Are you smarter than a handful of ants?

Probably not, but you can try to beat them…

Flex your intelligence!

Your task is to find the shortest round trip on the map.
It seems to be a simple mission, but it is actually one of the most difficult problems.
Our artificial ants seem to be simple-minded creatures, but together they form an efficient problem-solving superorganism.
Are you smarter than a handful of ants?

Get your certificate!

If you find a good enough round trip then we will give you a certificate and your result will be added to the High Score list.
Don’t take it lightly as your opponents include some of the smartest people in the world…
… and our Great Ants as well who kick the sh*t out of you too.

World-wide fame!

If you hit a world record then we will announce it to the entire world on the Great Ants’ @handfulofants Twitter channel.

If you need help to advance to the next level then send a tweet to the Great Ants.
If your request is convincing enough then they will help smile

Hey, NFT geeks

If you are a crypto geek then you can aquire NFTs of our Great Ants. Scroll down for more info!


If you are an NFT geek you can buy NFT of the Extraordinary Ants.