Social TV solution

MindEverest's Social Media converter links television to the best of social media applications.

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TV Caesar

TV Caesar app transforms your TV to your Coliseum where the new age gladiators (e.g. celebs, showmen, newscasters, etc) fight for your attention.

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League of Extraordinary Minds

L.E.M. is the first community oracle game in which players can measure their foresight from all around the globe.

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Social TV solution

Social broadcasting, or viewer communication related to ongoing shows has moved out of its infancy and has become a defining feature of television broadcasting. Viewers now regularly reach for their phones when wanting to send a text to the editors of a show (think of text-based voting or text messages scrolling on the bottom of the screen) and instinctively use Facebook and Twitter while watching shows to share their opinions, questions and funny remarks concerning the shows they're viewing with the rest of the audience. Nowadays, viewers send 400 million (!) messages a day related to various shows. Social television has become a part of mainstream television broadcasting right in front of our eyes: from the fall, Nielsen will expand upon the measuring of television viewership by gauging the Twitter activity attached to the various shows ("Nielsen Twitter TV Rating").

MindEverest's social television solution links television to the best of social media applications: by involving the millions of Facebook users can result in more viewers and greater activity surrounding a show.

Shows can be made more captivating and attracting.
Presenters and editors receive instant feedback on the kind of viewer questions and needs that arise during the show. The poignant remarks and essential questions of the viewers can be used to drive the show.

The viewers can become increasingly tied to a channel and more information can be gained on the viewers.
The messages of the viewers can generate other responses, activating yet more viewers, increasing the involvement of the community. Viewer activity can delineate various well-identifiable viewer groups for the channel.

It's accessible on traditional television sets.
Our solution allows viewers to enjoy the experience of social television even if they only have traditional television sets.

Built-in Facebook, Text messaging and Twitter links.
Viewers can share their views via Facebook, Text messaging and Twitter.

Easy-to-use editing interface.
The editing team in the control room can easily gather and filter the messages, thus defining the theme of the show. The editing interface of the system allows effective handling of any ill- intentioned viewers who wish to abuse the opportunities inherent in social television broadcasting.

Full hardware solution with a simple service setup.
Our Social TV solution includes the hardware as well which can be easily connected to a Channel Branding system.